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This account is dead, I work with my friend at :iconyushicus: and we share her account
I'm likely never getting on this account again

Have a nice day sin
I'm grounded for another 4 weeks meaning no dA or tablet. Welp. xD
If anyone wants to keep in contact with me, my Skype is thefirefox44. If you try adding me, be sure to tell me who you are on dA, or I won't know who you are and treat your request as spam!
Most people I'm close to on Skype will get a ton of free gifts. (case and point :iconyushicus:, who I am also shamelessly promoting because jESUS YOUR ART IS PERFECT)

Also apparently I'm core now??? I have no clue how that happened, to be honest.
But thanks whoever gave it, even though I won't use it for anything more than changing my username. xD
I'd gladly make a gift for whoever did it, but they kinda chose to be anonymous. No need to be so shy!
I'm gonna go on hiatus for a little while xP Not sure how long. Probably gonna be back in 3-5 weeks.
I'm mostly doing this so I can get as many drawings and comic pages done in that time frame so I can (hopefully) have regular uploads. With my luck I'll barely get 1 thing done due to schoolwork.

Plus, I need a little while to figure out how to cope with my pyromania, which is starting to get noticeably worse and worse. the point where I get urges to burn my own art.
Plus...personal issues.Definitely not good.
I'll be on skype and facebook, at least. 

I hope you guys can understand my decision.
My friend :iconlizdraws: recently made her own RedBubble account! It's pretty empty right now, but she's planning on putting a ton of designs on it soon!

Click here to see her RedBubble!

Also, if you can, try to spread the word and give her a watch.
She's a super sweet and funny person and makes nuzlockes and shitty movie streams, so if you like those feel free to watch her!

Shhhh I know I should be doing my comic but I feel like I should finish a few more pages first to make sure my updates won't be months apart
Idk when I'll have it done but it'll definitely be soon
Had to hop on the bandwagon. xP

1) How long have you been on DeviantArt?

I've been a deviant since 2012 or so. Not too long xD

2) What does your username mean?

Well, '44' comes from my favorite number, which is 4. The 'Firefox' part is explained in another question.
To be honest, I kinda wanna change my username to Star-Gazr, since my favorite flower is the stargazer lily. Fits well.

3) Describe yourself in three words.

Salty. Little. Beast.

4) Are you left or right handed?

Definitely right handed. I can't even hold a book correctly with my left hand.

5) What was your first deviation?

I honestly don't remember, but I think it was a sprite of one of my oldest characters, AL. At the time she was known as 'Firefox', which is where my username comes from.

6) What is your favourite type of art to create?

I love drawing simpler characters and comics.

7)If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

Ohhh lord. Definitely ErnestoGP's style. His style is so pretty and cute and the way he draws people o m f--

8) What was your first favourite?

I....have no idea, honestly. xD I favorite too many things to check.

9) What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

I love comics and cute styles.

10) Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

I honestly can't pick just one. xD I have to say :iconlizdraws:, :iconernestogp: (I'm sorry I keep mentioning you but you're too amazing man), :iconstarry-nightt: and :icongirjonasxoxo: because omg all four of these guys are equally amazing and nice and I love looking through their art ;7;

11) If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

TheOneLoneFNAFFan, no questions asked.
He's my breed of weird and his dad liked when I serenaded him with a Wonderful World parody named 'God This Fucking World Sucks'. xD

12) How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

:icongirjonasxoxo: has impacted my life the most omf--
I met her like 2-3 years ago and she's been so supportive and kind to me and she's there whenever I need her
She's gotten me through a lot of shit and I cannot thank her enough
I feel like I could trust her with my life
We're like mother and spawn <:U

13) What are your preferred tools to create art?

I prefer sketching with just regular pencils, then making them digitally colored using SAI, Gimp, or Colors!3D.

14) What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

I dunno why, but I get the most inspired at school. 90% of my drawings are sketched out during class when I have nothing to do.

15) What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

Meeting LizDraws. I know I mentioned her a lot but she really has impacted my life.
I randomly stumbled onto her page one day and thought she was a pretty cool, funny chick so I watched her.
Turns out that 'cool chick' would later introduce me to most of my current friends and inspire me to try to make comics.
I'm most likely going to start Hey There Delilah next week.
My schedule is pretty full this week. I have to do GISHWHES all week, school starts for me in 2 days, I need to actually get my Pokemon Yellow game up to the 2nd or 3rd badge so updates can be frequent....lots of things. 


----Mild Rant Warning---

....My mental health isn't exactly good as of late. 

Ever since I had a couple nasty fights with an ex-friend, I haven't been able to think correctly. By 'nasty', I mean she probably broke a couple laws to make me suffer. Half the time I'm afraid of stepping outdoors because I'm always thinking she'll be waiting to attack me when I have my back turned. Hell, I'm extremely skittish about meeting new people or Skyping thanks to her. It's not exactly good when you're the only person in the world I'm afraid of. 
Another problem is....Well....I'm not exactly able to 'hate'. Sure, I can claim I do, but in reality I can't. It's not in my nature to hate anyone. I'm almost like a puppy, I guess.
I'm pretty sure I might have to get therapy for this, because it doesn't seem like it'll go away on its own and I'd personally like to be a bit social.
There's a couple more problems, but I'd prefer to keep them to myself.

....I'm probably sure she'll look at this and laugh, but honestly I don't even care anymore. I just want the bullshit to stop.
I'm gonna do it.
I'm gonna make the comic :B It's gonna be gud.

Hey, if I did a Nuzlocke comic for Pokemon Yellow, would anyone read it?
I was thinking of doing it in a similar style to HaruBells's Dear Mom Nuzlocke. Honestly, her comic is adorable and really unique. It's really worth reading! I can't help but love her trainer Alex and hope none of his pokemon die ;w;

Anyway, I might end up calling my comic Hey There Delilah and knowing me it'll be a cute, derpy mess centered around a really loveable jerk. I'll probably use a much simpler, cuter style than I usually use because with my normal style updating would take forever. xD Also, one of my own special rules was that my friends have to name my pokemon for me and give them personalities. Expect some interesting names.

I'd like to know what you guys think about my idea!
Idk. I kinda left after I got ignored so idk what's going on anymore. I'm guessing it's offline? xP

Sooo, I decided to be one of the many guest stars in SnakeManvsArbok's stream!
We're gonna be watching Where the Dead Go to Die and some other things. To be honest, I've never seen this movie, but the title makes me expect the worst. Plus, my skype is derping out so there might be a chance that I won't be talking correctly. xP It's gonna be interesting.

Things to note:
We're a pretty loud group sometimes. especially ErnestoGP xP Just warning you.
:bademoticon:  We --especially I-- swear a lot, so if you're offended by swearing you might not wanna come.
:bademoticon:  Please don't ask to join our call. We kinda have enough people to commentate.
:bademoticon:  I honestly don't know what Snake is going to stream besides Where the Dead Go to Die. Sorry.

If you wanna watch, click here! -->
Void-Shark is having trouble with finances and medical issues.
I really wanted to help her, but since I'm pretty much broke too the best I can do is spread the word.
If you wanna read more about her situation, read this journal below.
<da:thumb id="544669316"/>
Smileh is a really sweet person and I truly hate to see her suffer like this.
If you guys can, try to donate or do commissions with her. If you can't do that, then try to spread the word!
Yep, I'm advertising for a group. :B
This group, to be exact: :icontons-for-all:

The reason this group exists is for people to post their art without worrying if the style's good enough or if they draw perfect anatomy. Pretty much anyone can submit their art to Tons-For-All. (as long as you aren't an art thief)

I personally really love this group. xD It's definitely my favorite right now.
I mean, what's a better group than a group that doesn't judge you for how you draw? 

Also, both of the admins, sailorlovesong and abnormalDre, are super nice, so don't be afraid to ask them questions! :U They probably don't bite

Anyway, go join this group and add your art to it!